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Parts Cleaning

One of the largest challenges facing manufacturers is how to maximize their investment in equipment for optimal results.

NEMFI is constantly reviewing and updating processes of all scale to increase efficiencies, maximize the power of our machines, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and more.  It is our privilege to put this knowledge to use for our customers – especially when they are purchasing a new piece of equipment or are trying to integrate new capabilities into their existing processes.

Our goal is to create cost effective, turn-key processes that save time for our customers and allow them to get the most out of every machine we recommend. Our partners, including Novatec-US, Louis, Stoelting, and ESMA work with us to help achieve this goal.

Aqueous and Ultrasonic Cleaners

Aqueous cleaners use heat, agitation and soap action to break dirt and grease into smaller particles. When used properly, these cleaners can save time and money.

Ultrasonic cleaning leverages the power of bubbles made when cavitation collapses, forming tiny jets which are then directed at the dirty surface. This process is enhanced through the use of specialized, non-harming cleaning solutions.

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