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The metal finishing process can create wastewater that needs proper disposal.  One method NEMFI offers is the ENCON Evaporators, a simple and cost-effective solution to reduce wastewater and minimize amount that needs to be hauled away.

ENCON Drum Evaporators efficiently dewater small-volume waste streams and streams too concentrated for traditional evaporators. With a standard 55-gallon wastewater drum, the DE-2 model processes up to 200 gallons per week and the DE-4 processes up to 400 gallons per week.

ENCON Thermal Wastewater Evaporators can handle larger volumes from 10 to 400 gallons per hour. The customizable, 316 stainless steel thermal units can be powered by natural gas, propane gas, oil, diesel, kerosene, electricity, steam or even waste oil. Higher alloys are available for more corrosive applications.

Both the ENCON Drum Evaporator and the thermal units can be fitted with a condenser to recycle the distilled water.

The ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Evaporator is an economical product line designed to process 40-1,800 gallons/hour, with operating costs of $0.01-$0.02 per gallon of distilled water. The MVC operates on electricity and compressed air and can be made of 316 stainless steel or super stainless alloys for more corrosive waste streams.

The automated ENCON MVC Evaporator, which requires minimal manpower, manages wastewater feed, automatic discharge of concentrated residue from the separation tank, automatic transfer of distillate from the distillate sump, and automatic cleaning of heat exchanger (clean-in-place). The unit continuously monitors numerous variables such as temperature, pressure, and water levels, and will trigger alarms when needed.


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