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Can NEMFI develop a process at your facility and then set it up in our facility?  
Yes NEMFI can work with you to develop a process, time cycle and the type of machines you will need to accomplish your task. We will recommend and install the machinery, media, and train your personnel at your site.

Can you run the job until our machines are delivered?  
Yes we are capable of running most jobs in our shop until your equipment you purchased from us is delivered and set up. (Assuming the machinery needed is not a special design).

Do you have machines for special use?
We can take your parts and design and build a system around them and give you a turnkey operation.

What is Mass Finishing?
Mass Finishing is actually Vibratory or Abrasive Finishing which is a mechanical process applied to improve and finish the surface of a wide range of different components.

Do you charge for testing?
Depending on the complexity of the part or if fixtures are required. When we do charge it is usually a minimum.

What Geographic area do you cover?
We cover the 6 New England States as well as parts of upstate New York.

Can you do process development?
Yes we can do complete or partial process development including turnkey setup.

Do you charge for a turnkey process?
Depending of the complexity of the part and the process.

Do you have a list of Customers?
We will furnish a list upon request.

What types of media do you have available?
We have over 6,000 different types, sizes, shapes and composition, including ceramic and plastic.

What types of equipment do you offer?
We offer Vibratory tubs, bowls, high energy machines, disk machines, drag finishing machines, dryers, parts cleaners, passification and ultrasonic’s. We also offer blasting equipment such as tumble blast, cabinets of all sizes, suction or pressure, blast pots, blast rooms, wet blast or shot blast equipment.

What brand names do you represent?
Rosler the world leader in metal finishing equipment. Clemco, the worlds largest manufacturer of air powered blast equipment. We also have available spare parts and media available for the equipment we represent.


New England Metal Finishing is fully operational and maintaining our regular hours as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. We are designated as an essential business and are dedicated to providing exceptional service while keeping our employees, customers, and vendors safe.